Private rail cars I’ve recorded

Amtrak Northeast Corridor (NEC) Acela viewed from Colonial Crafts Private Rail Car

The Milwaukee Road Super Dome Hiawatha Cedar Rapids Private Railcars Union Station Chicago

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Inside 1949 Colonial Crafts Private Rail Car

1949 Colonial Crafts Private Rail Car being parked by Amtrak in Washington DC

Private rail cars AAPRCO 2015 Spirit of St. Louis Convention during day

Amtrak Beech Grove 10001 Pacific Cape 10021 Gateway Station St Louis at night

Amtrak Beech Grove 10001 Amfleet Office Car Chicago Union Station

Leaving St Louis riding Hollywood Beach

Savannah Central 30 steam engine Georgia State Railroad Museum

Hollywood Beach Private Rail Car traveling through Springfield Illinois

Hollywood Beach Union Station St Louis

Pullman passenger rail cars 2014 National Train Day Union Station St Louis

Inside a Pullman Sleeper Car hotel room Indianapolis Crowne Plaza Union Station

Sierra Hotel on back of Amtrak California Zephyr Chicago and Denver Union Station Omaha Nebraska

Norfolk Southern #5 Maryland private rail car attached to Amtrak Capitol Limited 29

Norfolk Southern Sandy Creek private rail car Washington DC Union Station

Pullman Pacific Union Southern Pacific City of Angels private railcars Springfield Illinois

Babbling Brook Pullman New York Central Amtrak Texas Eagle in Springfield Illinois

Silver Shore Southern Hospitality Silver Express Silver Chalet private rail cars Springfield Illinois

Northern Pacific Stampede Pass Private Rail Car passing through Springfield Illinois on Amtrak Lincoln Service 306

The Patrón Tequila Express private rail car Chicago Union Station

Dearing Private Rail Car Amtrak Savannah Georgia

Cannon Ball Dearing Private Rail Cars Varnish Washington DC

MOUNT VERNON coming into Springfield Illinois on Amtrak Lincoln Service

St. James Place Charter Club Iowa Pacific Caritas private rail cars Union Station Chicago Milwaukee Intermodal

Charter Wire Manufacturing private business passenger rail cars Milwaukee Wisconsin

Charter Club St James Place private rail cars Springfield Illinois

Charter Club St James Place private rail cars Normal Illinois

Charter Club St James Place private rail car paint retouch

Tesla Model X viewed from inside Milwaukee Road Super Dome Dairy Bar Glenview Illinois

Union Pacific Private Varnish Business Cars pass Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 Springfield Illinois

Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms day and night Union Station Indianapolis Crowne Plaza

Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms Indianapolis Crowne Plaza at night

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms

2015 Polar Express Train St Louis

2014 National Train Day Open Ceremony Union Station St Louis

Federal Railroad Administration Rail Car DOTX 221 Amtrak Texas Eagle Normal Illinois

BNSF Railway Track Measurement Train Galesburg Illinois

Private rail cars AAPRCO 2015 Spirit of St. Louis Convention at night

Appekunny Mountain California Northern private rail car

Mid America Swift Stream Pullman Pacific Sunset Santa Fe Chico private rail cars Kansas City Union Station

Pacific Sands Silver Splendor Private Railcars St Louis Gateway Station

Canadian National 6789 Monticello Railway Museum

Abraham Lincoln Funeral Rail Car Replica Springfield Illinois

Amtrak California Surfliners Northeast Regional Iowa Pacific Sky View baggage cars Chicago Illinois

Loop Trolley 1351 Missouri History Museum Forest Park St. Louis

Portland Vintage Trolleys St Louis MetroLink Delmar Loop Trolley

Galesburg Railroad Museum viewed from Amtrak California Zephyr

Bring Back the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar Line in Seattle

CP Huntington Miniature Train Pullen Park Raleigh NC

Vestibule safety Pullman rail car history inside Colonial Crafts

Mendota Illinois Rail Museum viewed from Colonial Crafts

Patrick Henry Creative Promotions Sierra Hotel Chicago Union Station

Iowa Pacific Empire Builder Prairie View dome car Chicago Union Station

Roots on the Rails Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 Springfield Illinois

Private varnish St Louis Gateway Station August 2017

Northern Sky Charter Club Chicago Illinois

2018 Joliet Rocket dome cars

Birch Grove and Moonlight Dome private railcars on Texas Eagle 22 outside Springfield Illinois

Nickel Plate 765 steam engine Joliet Rocket LaSalle Street Station Chicago Illinois

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