When will Chatham Illinois public works plow my neighborhood

When will Chatham Illinois public works plow my neighborhood

Once again I’m left to wonder when the Chatham Illinois public works will plow my neighborhood. We had a similar problem when we lived in the Westchester subdivision years ago. Here in Chatham sometimes the public works will plow our street and at other times we are forgotten. A road that can be viewed from straight out our homes window got plowed yesterday. This is par for the course. That road gets snow removed while ours becomes a sheet of ice. There have been at least two close calls when it comes to vehicles almost getting in accidents on our street since the snow fell. Granted by looking at my neighbors driveways you can tell they could care less. None of them have bothered to clean their drives or sidewalks.

Our driveway is completely snow free. The sidewalks outside of our home are almost totally clear of snow and ice as well. The main street would look this way if the Chatham public works had bothered even making one pass with a snow plow yesterday. I’d tend to bet if I went around the corner to the more affluent neighborhood their streets are clear of snow and ice. Then again I’d tend to bet these people would call and complain unlike those who live on my street. No one seems to think about the safety of others. Children coming home from school each day need clear sidewalks. I’m sure the person delivering your newspaper each morning would appreciate having a walk free of snow and ice. Our postal delivery people could care less they drive up to the mailbox and try to get out of their vehicle as little as possible.

If the Chatham public works had come through with a snow plow yesterday the snow and ice would be on it’s way to gone today. Since they didn’t even though it is sunny out today no large amount of melt is occurring. Since I took the time to clear our drive and walks yesterday this helped the sun to complete the clearing process. If the Chatham public works had taken the time to make one pass with a snow plow yesterday the main road would look like our driveway. Instead my neighborhood has to worry about low temperatures refreezing the winter mess on the street.

What is interesting is that the City of Chatham hasn’t even bothered to clear the road behind the major shopping plaza. This road gets heavy use by delivery vehicles of all sizes. You would think from a safety standpoint the city would have the good sense to clear that road. Of course they haven’t. So much for getting better higher quality services in a small town. Want to bet the Mayor and City Council have the roads in their neighborhood clear of snow and ice?

By the way don’t even post some comment in regards to the tireless hours and efforts public works departments make. I’m more than aware of all of this. Cheryl’s father works these hours and does this job for a somewhat affluent neighborhood. No matter how hard someone may be working. This does nothing to rectify the situation being dealt with in my neighborhood. Although I’d tend to bet most of my neighbors could care less. Guess they don’t feel their tax dollars should get them services that are received by those that have more money than them. As I’m sure many are aware by now. This isn’t the first time this part of Chatham has been forgotten about in regards to snow removal. If it was I wouldn’t be so up in arms about it.

In the picture above you can clearly see where I took the time to clear the snow yesterday. You can also see that since I took the time to do this the area is now almost totally free of snow and ice. The portion of the road that the City of Chatham hasn’t bothered to clear is just a slick sheet of ice with some snow.

Driveway now has the snow removed

Here are what the current street conditions are as of 12/17/08 4:05 PM Central Time

A Snow Angel from 2007

Deer in the snow covered woods 2006

A walk to downtown Springfield

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Chatham Illinois Street Department photos

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