Database errors using WordPress 2.7

Since upgrading to WordPress 2.7 I have had two issues with database access. This causes the mainpage and other pages within this website to not be available. I never had these problems before updating to WordPress 2.7. What is very frustrating is that the only solutions I’ve seen within the WordPress help forum seem rather drastic. GoDaddy is on the approved host list for WordPress 2.7. And keep in mind that this website functions smoothly in almost all cases since the upgrade. There have just been two times so far where that hasn’t been the case.

The first time I came across this problem the issue worked itself out in some way. With this latest incident I took a step mentioned within the WordPress help forum. Since I had full FTP access I was able to delete the WP-Includes folder and install a fresh copy. After doing this the website came back live. Since I still had FTP access and could access other files online. This leads me to believe that something in regards to the recent WordPress update is occasionally not playing nice. Do to the fact that I’m no WordPress wizard I’m not exactly sure what that something is. However this once again is a key example of how blogging platforms let users down. Ease of use and functionality should always be a key element of the product. That should included being able to easily troubleshoot problems that arise. Unfortunately all the supposed geniuses of the online world can’t seem to meet this goal.

Below I will provide links that should hopefully get you pointed in the right direction if you need WordPress 2.7 help. Keep in mind to backup your WordPress install if possible before putting any suggestions into play. Sometimes I feel that the “helpful” advice can have you dealing with worse problems than you started with. So use caution when implementing what you read within any help forum.

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