Air Liquid or thermo-electric cooler to reduce CPU heat

I have a feeling that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. The newer kits are suppose to make setup easier. I’m thinking things may be easier than setting everything up piece by piece on your own. But I’m sure this will be a big learning curve for me. Hopefully I’ll get it right and not trash my machine in the process of learning. It should be kept in mind that a small amount of maintenance is involved with liquid cooling. However in my case I’m willing to deal with that. While I have a fairly quiet machine now I’m wanting to reduce the noise levels even more. With a liquid cooled system I should also be able to drop my CPU temperatures even further. This should help increase the life expectancy of my processor even when overclocking. The choice of water cooling should not be taken lightly. It’s taken many years for me to decide to try and make the jump.

There are many traditional air coolers ( heat sinks ) that do a great job of getting rid of heat. Prices for these products have become very reasonable over the past few years. Some of those units are extremely quiet in their operation as well. For me though it was time to try something a bit more adventurous.

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At a later date I’m hoping to add these to my system. I’m currently using Vantec coolers that just air cool the hard drives. The Vantec coolers do a great job. But on high the fans are just to loud. With the Thermaltake AquaBay M4 I’d be giving up the digital display but gaining the benefits of liquid cooling.

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