Mid America Swift Stream Pullman Pacific Sunset Santa Fe Chico private rail cars Kansas City Union Station

Recorded during Amtrak Southwest Chief #3 layover at Union Station Kansas City on my way to Los Angeles in 2015.

Recorded October 18, 2015

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Private rail cars I’ve recorded

Los Angeles Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge

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Swift Stream – Mid America Railcar Leasing

Swift Stream (800460) AAPRCO

Private car Swift Stream on Amtrak #5

Mid America Leasing Swift Stream

Pictures of MRLX 800460 “Swift Stream”

MRLX 800460

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Pullman/Union Pacific – Pacific Sunset

Union Pacific Railroad, Pullman, “Pacific Range,”

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Kansas City Union Station

Massive $1.6 Million Preservation Project Receives Funding Boost and Now Seeks Community Participation Union Station Kansas City

AAPRCO American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners Inc.

An Extraordinary Way to See North America Ride in Your Privately-Owned Train Cars on Amtrak

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