Pacific Sands Silver Splendor Private Railcars St Louis Gateway Station

Since Amtrak is once again using buses this week instead of trains while finishing ongoing southern Illinois track work / safety upgrades – it was hard to find a train to take me to record this private varnish. I pulled into St Louis Gateway Station a bit before 1AM this morning on Amtrak Lincoln Service 307.

I wasn’t expecting to find these private railcars already attached to Missouri River Runner ready to head to Kansas City then later to Los Angeles. I had thought they might be at Union Station down street.

Recorded April 5th 2018

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First time I remember recording Pacific Sand is at AAPRCO 2015 Spirit of St. Louis Convention. Don’t recall ever recording Silver Splendor until this morning.

Private rail cars AAPRCO 2015 Spirit of St. Louis Convention during day

Private rail cars AAPRCO 2015 Spirit of St. Louis Convention at night

Private rail cars I’ve recorded

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Silver Splendor (800604) AAPRCO

Silver Splendor Dome-Diner-Lounge – LA Rail


A Walkthrough Tour of the Private Car Silver Splendor

Pacific Sands (800355) AAPRCO

Pacific Sands Sleeper – LA Rail

Pullman Rail Car – Pacific Sands – At Santa Fe Depot

The Pacific series was a fleet of fifty lightweight streamlined sleeping cars built by the Budd Company for the Union Pacific Railroad in 1949–1950.

Lincoln Service

Missouri River Runner

AAPRCO American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners Inc.

An Extraordinary Way to See North America Ride in Your Privately-Owned Train Cars on Amtrak

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