Which would you want running in your liquid cooled computer

Which would you want running in your liquid cooled computer

If you blow this picture up you will be able to read the labels. The green liquid bottle is what is included with the Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling System. As you can see the contents don’t seem to healthy. Now some of you might be thinking that most coolants aren’t to healthy for you or the world we live in. However if you look to the left in that picture you will be looking at a bottle of PrimoChill PC ICE Non-Conductive Water Cooling Fluid. There are several things you will see on that bottle. The first thing you won’t see is a large warning about birth defects. What you will see is a Made in the USA stamp. How often do you see this anymore. Lets hope this is truthful. Some companies have played fast and loose with that label. The other important parts of the PrimoChill package are whats not there. You don’t see all the major warnings about how your health will be affected by coming in contact with the product. Unlike the fluid shown on the right which Thermaltake includes with the ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling System.

With all things considered and if equal cooling performance is seen with both products. Why wouldn’t you choose PrimoChill PC ICE? It’s a food safe non toxic fluid that is biodegradable that doesn’t sacrifice cooling performance. PrimoChill also does this at a price that is affordable. So why wouldn’t you choose the product that is safer and still performs? In my opinion Thermaltake should be taken to task for still using the older less safe liquid. Not to mention the fact that I’m stuck with trying to figure out how to safely dispose of their toxic cooling agent.

Even the PrimoCHILL Dye Bomb is produced in the same way. It’s food safe non toxic and biodegradable. I ended up and purchased a PrimoCHILL Dye Bomb since I didn’t see the pre-mixed as an option at Xoxide. Even though the website made it seem like I could choose a  PrimoCHILL bottle with my chosen color. What I got was the PrimoCHILL Clear with a UV Green Dye Bomb.

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