Amtrak Lincoln Service passing each other MacArthur Bridge St. Louis

For years I’ve called MacArthur Bridge in St. Louis – the roller coaster. To me it looks and at times feels exactly like that. While longer and normally a bit slower. I prefer leaving St Louis using Merchants Bridge. Not as high up in air and on bridge over water for less time.

The MacArthur Bridge is featured in an Amtrak commercial. I often joke it looks airbrushed – do to it not looking as old and rusty as it is.

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Amtrak Lincoln Service coming into St Louis

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MacArthur Bridge (St. Louis)

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$7 million federal grant will help update MacArthur Bridge

The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA) announced it has been awarded a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) $7.1 million grant to replace and modernize its Broadway Street truss in St. Louis

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MacArthur Bridge (St. Louis)

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