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I took some pictures this morning of the Roker on the Road episode that featured D’arcy’s Pint. The pictures turned out ok. Since Blogware ( my blog host ) makes life hard when dealing with files. I’ve had to just add separate links here. Guess I’ll have to go back to using the XP Slideshow Wizard in the future. The pictures include one of the owners of D’arcy’s Pint. They also include my girlfriends co-workers who were part of the episode. You’ll see how the special cheese sauce is mixed. I also have at least one picture showing what an actual horseshoe sandwich looks like.

The pictures that were previously here have not be moved over to my new setup. Many articles that had pictures previously have slowly had that content put back in place. Unfortunately at this time this isn’t one of those. I’m also slowly trying to update all links to direct to the proper place.

My previous blog post on D’arcy’s Pint.

Darcy’s Pint episode tonight

Illinois Times Best of Springfield Food & Drink

Best Horseshoes

D’Arcy’s Pint

661 W. Standford Ave., 217-492-8800
In a town that prides itself on the horseshoe sandwich almost as much it does on its Lincoln connection, this isn’t an easy category to win. After all, nearly every restaurant is town offers a horseshoe of some sort on its menu. But D’Arcy’s Pint is doing something right by once again winning this contest by a mile. The Irish pub has smothered some stiff competition in making the capital city’s trademark masterpiece of meat, bread, cheese, and fries. Since 1998, D’Arcy’s has been a popular place for traditional Irish fare such as shepherd’s pie and Dublin pot roast. But it’s the cheesy concoction that customers can’t get enough of.

UIS – The Real Deal bass ale first thing in the morning

New Darcy’s Pint opening tomorrow May 24, 2005

D’arcy’s Pint

661 W. Standford Ave.

Kitchens hours are

11 a.m. to 10 p.m Monday through Thursday.

11 a.m. to 11p.m. Friday and Saturday

Closed on Sunday

D’arcy’s Pint Phone number


They have added new items to the menu. Check out Sunday’s ( 5/22/05 ) State Journal Register for more details.

New Darcy’s Pint telephone number Springfield IL 

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