My liquid cooling adventure

So far the CPU temperatures are about what I was getting when I aired cooled this pc. From that perspective I’m not to happy with the Thermaltake ProWater 850i. However a few things should be kept in mind. I do still have the bad bend in the tubing leaving the waterblock going into the radiator. This could be reducing the overall cooling performance. Currently this machine is also running two less cooling fans than previous. The small case door fan and the heatsink fan are no longer a part of the machine. I’d venture a guess that the slight kink in the tubing is a major issue that I need to resolve. Along with two less case fans this could easily account for the less than stellar temperature reduction using the liquid cooling.

At this point I would say if you looking for an entry level liquid cooling system that isn’t overly complicated to setup. Then the Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling System should be on your short list. I would prefer the manual and online PDF have a little more comprehensive instructions. In regards to setup and doing initial testing of the components outside of the case. Something I did not do. Overall for the money I think this Thermaltake liquid cooling kit is worth it. My feeling is that my current higher than expected CPU temperatures are most likely do to the tubing issue. And not a failure of the product itself.

I’m not sure what I expected from the UV tubing. All I know is with the PrimoCHILL Clear with a UV Green Dye Bomb for liquid inside of the UV tubing I’m not seeing anything stellar in regards to color. Maybe I should have used another color dye bomb. Honestly I would prefer to find the pre-mixed color next time instead of the clear then adding the bomb.

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No one ever gave me an answer. I found out for myself. So far the answer is yes it can. It should be kept in mind that my setup has changed slightly since the pictures above were taken. But the setup is still fairly close to the original photos.

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2 thoughts on “My liquid cooling adventure”

  1. I just got the same system and installed it the other day. I noticed that the temp w/o load is basically the same however under 100% load I found like 7/8 degree c difference. I am curious did you ever resolve the bent tube I have a tube that I would like to replace too just not too sure how to go about bleeding the system or getting the fluid out before hand. Anyhow if you got any ideas email me back please thank you for your review also

  2. How to drain your liquid water cooling system easily – I added the link and a few others to the original article above.

    That is how I have drained the system. Worked flawless for me. As for the bent tube. It wasn’t extreme. But it was enough that I have since reworked the tube routing a bit. Not totally happy with it honestly.

    Temperatures I’m happy with. When I had this machine overclocked though I felt the temps were close to what I got when cooling with air.

    Right now the temperature coming out of the radiator is 33C. This has been much lower this year when the room is colder. I’ve booted with temps at 21 or 22C. The 33 is with the machine having been on for a good amount of time & average every day use.

    Keep in mind I’m cooling the CPU & two SATA hard drives. The only real noise now comes from those drives.

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