Delmar Forest Park Loop Trolley test run August 31st 2018

After X concert at Delmar Hall was ruined for me by a drunken couple I left show early. Only good thing about that – I finally got video of Delmar Loop Trolley doing a test run. Unfortunately only with my cell phone. I wasn’t in mood to stick around to get more video.

Someone had stated they never saw any passengers inside during testing. If you look closely and quickly you will see several people riding in trolley. I’m assuming State and Federal agencies ride to certify compliance. Loop Trolley employees would do same during operations certification.

Most people have no idea how involved it is to start a new rail line. It’s not as easy as lay some track and put cars on it. State and Federal regulations can take ages to be signed off on. Systems always have troubleshooting to be done before opening to riding public.

Recorded August 31st 2018

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