Are all the good security sites being shut down

The past few weeks it seems as if there has been a lot of well known and trusted security websites shutting their doors. In one case some are blaming a well known web hosting company for helping the one website to disappear. When the URL for that site was auctioned off it went to a less than trustworthy “software” provider. Basically a company that sells crapware picked up the address and is now advertising their wares on a once reputable part of the Internet.

This morning I just read that after 5 years of providing security and computer help to the online community CastleCops has shut down operations. Over the years there have been some bumps in the road for CastleCops. But those had been overcome. There is speculation that when CastleCops owner Paul Laudanski was hired by Microsoft pressure may have been applied in regards to removing any ties with the website. This is something of course that can’t and most likely will never be confirmed. What could have taken place is that a successor was never found who could run the website the way the original owner wanted it to be. But you have to wonder why CastleCops wouldn’t have been left running as an archive. A very large amount of useful information is contained within the website. Not having this available is a loss to the online community.

Hopefully recent events aren’t a sign of things to come. Over the years it has become a bit of a task when trying to find quality trustworthy websites in regards to computer and online security. I’d venture to guess that most people find the process rather aggravating. It doesn’t help matters when we loose a couple of well known sites that have done a great deal to earn their trusted reputation.

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I’m not sure how much of this may be speculation or if the author actually has a personal relationship with Paul Laudanski. Maybe they have just read the information they provided somewhere. Not really sure.

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