Steve Rubel Weatherbug marketing guy – says the software is spyware free

Actually at first he sort of seemed liked he was skirting the issue. Personally from what I've read in different forums. I'm still not going to load this software on any machine I use any time soon. Honestly the interview bored me to tears. But I thought many security conscience readers might be interested in listening to the interview Chris Pirillo conducted. I guess I've found the reason I've not been extremely successful over the past 6 years. I just don't believe in marketing hype that has no meat to it. Must be great to make a ton of money each year shoveling out bs to the public. Maybe I need to find money to earn a degree – so I can do this for a living.

Microperfusion (Chris Pirillo)

A Micro Profusion of Steve Rubel's Wisdom (Mini-Interview)

Excuse me for not getting it. Again this must be yet another reason I'm an economic failure. I don't get what was so ground breaking and spectacular about what this person was saying. Straining to try and understand him didn't help. But it sounded more like a this is me – aren't I wonderful speech. More than how to get ahead in the marketing game 101. Again maybe I'm short on vision and brains. I'm just not getting the hype. Yet another reason I'm not driving an expensive car, living near on a golf course with 20 bimbos at my side.

Now in my opinion a real marketing genuis was the Steve Rubell who comes to mind when I hear that name. He was a gay man strung out on drugs. But help run one of the most succesful night clubs in New York at one time.

Lockergnoming (Chris Pirillo)

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