Step into Liquid from Gnomedex 3.0

I posted about this last year in the Lockergnome forum. But the past few days it’s been on Showtime¬†again. It’s a really cool movie about surfing. I first saw this flick at Gnomedex 3.0. I think this was the first public viewing before it hit theatres. It’s currently showing on Showtime and Showtime HD right now.


Writer/director Dana Brown’s acclaimed documentary is replete with stunning images of surfing and the sport’s devoted disciples, from traditional sites such as California and Hawaii to ones far off the beaten path, including Ireland and Vietnam. Don’t miss the film that “Rolling Stone” calls “the best surfing documentary ever made”

There is just something about this movie in my opinion. It’s become one of my favorites since the first time I watched it.

Unfortunately it seems my original thread in the Lockergnome forum has been erased.

Gnomedex 5.0 website is live – Gnomedex 2005

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