Look at the butterfly on my finger inside Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

Look at the butterfly on my finger Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

After eating at Beth’s Cafe last year. We headed out for a day at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. It had rained earlier that day so we weren’t sure how long we would be staying at the zoo. It ended up that we stay for the whole day. Unfortunately as we left Woodland Park Zoo our nice day got ruined by the 2008 WaMu ZooTunes and those employed to work at that event. Not to mention the fact that Seattle locals weren’t all that friendly in the parking lot.

But before all the drama destroyed a fairly relaxing day we ventured into the butterflies and blooms area of the zoo. This is where the picture above was taken. I’m not really happy with how the photos from this part of the zoo came out. That isn’t the case with the picture above. Many zoo guest had butterfly encounters. However the only one I was able to capture with my digital camera was this one.

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Butterflies & Blooms is now closed. It will not re-open in 2009.

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