St Louis Lime scooter van emptied in minutes

As I looked out our hotel window I saw a strange sight – a Lime Bike on the streets of St Louis. Most bikes have long been replaced by scooters. Originally the bike caught my eye because it was parked inside a bus shelter ( which is against the rules ). Just a bit after I noticed this van pulling up. I’m not sure if this man is a Lime employee or scooter charging subcontractor (Juicer).

My assumption was he was there to pickup this lone bike. Very few Lime Bikes are on streets of St Louis since scooters were introduced and in most cases – bikes can no longer be rented.

Speaking of scooter rental – we tried 10 different scooters – each time all but one gave us a low battery alert. Other alert stated scooter was in use – so I’m assuming user error on our part when entering code. QR Code scanner in Lime Android app was useless – had to manually input code. Which is not easy do to small micro font used on vehicles.

Over a 24 hour period with Lime scooters located around or near our hotel were all unrentable.

That could be why the man above was mobbed by people as soon as he showed up. The van was empty of scooters in minutes. Only 2 got left on corner for rental. From what I could see van was empty when it left.

Riders were not wearing helmets as required by St Louis scooter laws.

Recorded Saturday December 1st 2018

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Proof of no Lime Scooter for me

Most likely user input error Scooter in use

No Lime Juice for you

Here is what a low battery useless Lime scooter looks like outside Magnolia Hotel St Louis

Same hotel Same scooter

Hating on no Lime juice for me

1 block from here someone was picking up 2 scooters. I didn’t realize that at first – thought they were a renter – I gave this person an earful.

2 Lime scooters near St Louis Metrolink station

One of several Lime scooters outside our hotel Marriott The Grand St Louis

December 1st didn’t see any Bird scooters out for riding. Next day Dec 2nd these were outside hotel as we left.

Ride the Bird St Louis

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Lime (transportation company) is an American transportation rental company that runs bicycle and scooter sharing systems in various cities

Bird is a dockless scooter-share company based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in September 2017

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