Cloudflare needs personal optimizers or presets

Cloudflare needs personal optimizers or presets. Most people are not extremely tech savvy. But many of them run websites. To setup a service like Cloudflare at it’s optimized best – takes a lot of reading and learning for your average non geek customer.

Some web hosting companies offer personalized tech support . Where an employee can be authorized to review a customer’s account for possible optimization, security concerns or other performance tweaks. I’ve never had a web host I trusted enough to allow their staff to mess with my setup unless absolutely necessary.

I suspect that setting up Cloudflare for your average website owner is a bit of a task. Personalized optimizers would reduce this burden and insure account was properly setup, optimized and secure.

My thought on pricing structure would be two tiered. Something like a $100 one time fee for free accounts. A $50 one time fee for Pro accounts. Pricing should be cheaper for Pro because you will have a monthly revenue stream from that customer. I’m assuming Enterprise customers already have such an option or they would have technical skills to handle things on their own.

Another option might be optimized presets for most common web host. I use Amazon Lightsail. I’m sure Cloudflare could setup a preset that optimizes performance between the two services. Which saves customers time, hassle, aggravation and provides optimal service levels.

I’m not sure it would be possible to automate this process. So the limiting factor is having enough staff to handle optimization request.

Misconfiguration mistakes are easy to make. Not knowing about or missing an optimization is just as easy. This can cause less than optimal performance or in some instances security issues. With these being handled by a Cloudflare employee – chances are greatly reduced of something not being setup properly.

Tweaks to DNS, Page Rules, Speed, Caching, Firewall, Network and others can greatly affect your website performance. Minor changes might provide an added boost. Along the same line any misconfigured settings can be detrimental and cause serious problems.

Load times have become an even bigger factor now that Google has stated this is factored into search engine rankings. Cloudflare offers services to greatly improve rendering times. But without the technical know-how many customers might not be getting full value. Setting up Argo Tunnel or Workers isn’t within most website owners skill set.

Since Cloudflare currently has no peering agreement with Amazon – I’d venture a guess that enabling Argo Tunnel and Workers would provide a performance gain. But with a ton of reading done – I’m not confident enough that I could complete this task. I can’t be the only Cloudflare customer in this situation. I’m thinking Workers could provide performance gains for video playback.

The more Cloudflare services being run by a customer improves revenue potential. If that customer doesn’t have the knowledge to use them and no option for someone to set them up. That is lost revenue.

Cloudflare WordPress plugin doesn’t offer any optimized settings from what I can see.

I’m sure there are plenty of freelancers or companies that would offer their services to help tweak things. This goes back to trust – can you really trust that outside source? I’d prefer to deal with someone within Cloudflare.

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