The Rock House Irwin’s Park near Illinois Route 4

Irwin’s Park is located in-between Auburn and Chatham Illinois off Route 4. Amtrak Lincoln Service and Texas Eagle pass by daily. Irwin’s Park was known in past as Harlan’s Grove.

I can’t find my other photos to confirm that this is The Rock House. If I remember correctly it was called a school house by a previous caretaker – yes I’m aware on road to park there is an old school house. This isn’t one caretaker was referencing.

These structures no longer exist – they were torn down years ago. No one came forward financially to keep this piece of history around for future generations. I’ve heard a few different stories in regards to their demise.

Recorded October 20th 2007

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Irwin’s Park in-between Auburn and Chatham Illinois on Route 4

Amtrak Texas Eagle passing Irwin’s Park outside Auburn Illinois

A turtle on train tracks

Iggy on a hill in Irwin’s Park

Irwin’s Park (‘Irwin’s Grove’) SangamonLink

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