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I've never been asked this question before. To be honest not many people have actually shown interest in helping support either of my sites in the past. Starting the blog has helped to increase traffic to my original site. I've always done well with search engine listings. But the blog has also helped in that regard as well. So ad revenue has increased. But if you saw what comes in on an average month for me. I'd say many of you would ask – why am I still doing this. The past few weeks I've honestly started to ask that same question.

My reply to the question asked can be found here

I'll include it below as well.

I think you have to be the first person to ask this. And honestly I'd never expect someone to buy the Segway for me. Not that I would complain if someone did. Using the Amazon wishlist link in the top right corner you can review items I've included in my wishlist. You can add one of those items to the cart or select a similar type item and add it. When you proceed to checkout – the option to ship to me is included there. If that method doesn't appeal to you. You can always click on the Paypal button and donate using Paypal. Also keep in mind that there are many affiliate links here. If you find a vendor you use to buy products online. Consider keeping this site in mind when making a purchase from that vendor. This helps me to maintain this site and to pay my bills – things like rent, electric etc. Everyone's support of either of my two sites is appreciated. But unfortunately they don't run themselves for free. So anytime someone expresses interesting in donating to “the cause”. You can be assured it is in fact appreciated. When I can – I try to donate to sites that I use frequently as well. There are many good sites out there that aren't big time operations who can benefit from users supporting the sites ad content. Or by using other methods to show support.

I need to actually do an updated blog post about my RAM and motherboard purchase. I've just gotten sidetracked.

If your looking to purchase a book I'd be interested in. The two links below are 2 books that I'm wanting to read currently.

Help me buy Wil Wheaton

A Treasure's Trove A Fairy Tale About Real Treasure For Parents And Children Of All Ages

I was hoping to purchase that last one next week.

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