I’m attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago

I recently purchased two tickets to Blogher 2009 in Chicago. This will be my second time at BlogHer. My first adventure with this conference also took place in Chicago. That trip was in the summer of 2007. BlogHer 09 takes place July 24-25. EarlyBird pricing is $198 plus a $4.95 fee. The 2009 conference will take place at the Chicago Sheraton and Towers. I’ve already booked our room there. Through my affiliate I’ll link below you can get a traditional room for $179.10 a night the weekend of BlogHer. This is almost $20 less than the special BlogHer rate. I wasn’t aware of it when I booked. But if you select the traditional room. During checkout you can select the type of bed you want. If I had known this I could have saved us some money. I wasn’t aware a king bed was an option with the traditional room.

I’m looking forward to comparing my upcoming BlogHer experience with my previous attendance of this event. Gnomedex last year was a real downer for me. I’m hoping BlogHer won’t be the same. Multi track conferences aren’t really what I like. But these at least give you options in regards to what subjects you would like to hear about and explore. While I prefer a single track. This can cause issues when the speaker(s) aren’t discussing anything you are interested in or feel has value. On the flip side a multi-track conference can give you to many options where you end up having to make choices between discussions you are interested in.

I’ll provide links below to help you learn more about the BlogHer conference. Be sure to have a look at the link offering the $179.10 a night rate for the Chicago Sheraton and Towers. This will save you about $20 a night if you plan on staying at this hotel for BlogHer 2009. I should probably add that the website below IS NOT just for group hotel bookings. You can in fact book a single room. My household does it all the time using their service.

Did you notice above I stated I purchased two tickets to BlogHer 09? For the less than the price of one Gnomedex ticket I could buy two BlogHer tickets. So Cheryl can be a part of the conference experience. Granted Gnomedex tickets just went on sale this morning and are cheaper than they have been in two years. If you have previously attended Gnomedex you can purchase this years ticket for $399 a person.

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