Website Spring Cleaning 2019

I’ve slowly been doing a website Spring cleaning past couple of years. I’m still in process of fixing older content and media links that have been broken over several server moves.

Most recently with move to Amazon Lightsail – since they use Bitnami to install WordPress – all my media links were broken. Do to how Bitnami installs WordPress. I’d only had broken media links one other time after a server move.

Years ago when I moved away from Blogware ( Tucows ) blogging platform to WordPress. Tons of links and media content got seriously screwed up. My first WordPress post was October 12, 2004.

Because of how large the task was and needing to hunt down some content. I put off fixing older articles. Past few months I’ve worked down to those and have slowly fixed many.

I did retire and delete some articles. A bit of online house cleaning and removed some topics I’m no longer interested in or felt had value being posted.

My efforts are ongoing. Currently cleaning up content from 2006. Roughly 150 articles needing attention. I fix broken links within articles as I become aware.

There may be some broken video = but I think I have gotten most of that resolved. Mostly old photos needing to be fixed now.

I’ve never had luck with using URL redirects and they add milliseconds to load time. Which adding time to loading – no matter how minute – is something to be avoided.

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