Tweaked Phix flavors will launch at TED next week

Earlier this month I received an email that detailed some changes that were coming to the energy drink Phix. I’ll include an excerpt to give you an idea of where the Phix brand is headed.

“Phix Energy will soon be launching with three delicious new flavors. The flavors are lighter, a tiny bit sweeter and all have a great nose. We’re keeping the names the same, they’re still 100% natural, Vegan and Gluten Free and have the same great efficacy, but the flavors are dramatically improved.”

I know in my initial review of Phix I had mentioned that I felt the flavors could be just a bit more bold. It would seem that the new flavors are going to try and do just that. These reworked Phix flavors will be making their debut at the TED conference next week. Last year I tried to get Phix founder and CEO Will Weisman to bring Phix to Gnomedex. That of course did not take place. Mighty Leaf Tea was at Gnomedex though.

Honestly from what I saw in a documentary on TED. That conference isn’t one I think I would want to attend. In some regards it is an example of what was wrong with day one of Gnomedex last year. Yes helping solve the world’s problems and doing good things for others is a great way to lead your life. But I don’t have a need to go to what I see as a snob fest. Or anywhere I get the feeling I stepped into a wannabe hippie gathering. Then again sometimes it’s fun to laugh at the hippies who sold out but want you to think they didn’t.

Enough about my dislike of TED. Phix is getting some flavor enhancement. I’m really interested in giving the new flavors a try. Right now Phix Reload is out of stock. Hopefully that status will be changing once the reworked flavors make their public appearance. My current supply of Phix Reload is almost out. So I’ll be needing to make a purchase soon.

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