A Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling system in use

Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling system

Here is a picture of the Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling system I have setup. This picture was taken yesterday with the lights on. I’ll be adding another post showing the system in the dark. If you look towards the top of the case you can see the two AquaBay M4 Hard Drive Waterblocks that have been added to the machine. Right now the loop runs from the pump to the CPU. Then from the CPU up to one of the hard drive coolers. From that cooler it loops to the other one. Then it exits to head for the radiator. After flowing through the radiator the PrimoChill fluid heads back to the reservoir to start the journey all over again.

The hard drive temps are a little bit higher than when I had the air cooled Vantec units doing the cooling. But the noise level is less. With about a 16% overclock the system is mostly in the higher 30c range. I need to make a change to the direction one internal fan is blowing. This might help lower things a degree or two. At the moment I think the placement might be effecting the airflow. I’m also thinking when this room is cooler the temperature will drop a bit as well.

This is not my original setup for the Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling system. When I first installed this liquid cooling system the radiator was inside of the case. Of course the AquaBay hard drive coolers weren’t installed either. That is why I had to drain the liquid system last week. To install the new hard drive coolers.

What you can’t see all that well in the picture is that I also installed a Thermaltake CL-W0138 Flow TX Plus Flow Meter. This flow meter version comes with a digital readout that displays the temperature of the liquid before it heads back to the reservoir. The temperatures I’m seeing from that point seem to go up about 10c. From the reservoir to the pump and then to the CPU the temperatures at the CPU seem 10 degrees hotter than what is reported at the flow meter digital output.

When you look to the right side of the case you will see the new Blue UV Reactive 120mm Fan w/ UV Cold Cathode I installed. This replaces the Antec 120mm multi colored case fan that had been running in that spot. The old fan had variable speed settings. My new fan doesn’t have this option but runs fairly quiet.

I’m still not very happy with how the PrimoChill dye bombs operate. They just end up making a mess. I wish Xoxide would carry the premixed PrimoChill. I chose Blood Red this time. It doesn’t show up that strong in the picture. When the lights are out the tubes glow green so you definitely don’t see the color red then.

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