Gnomedexers taking a break at the Bell Harbor Conference Center 2008

I took this photo either during a break or at lunch. I’m honestly not sure which. If you were to look to the left you would see the famous Seattle sports stadiums and the Gantry cranes of the Seattle waterfront. As far as I’m aware I do not know anyone who is pictured. Actually taking another look the two people in the middle look familiar. But I’m not sure enough to state names. If anyone happens to recognize anyone pictured please feel free to make a comment below with that information. I’d be more than happy to give a name to the faces and link to any of their work.

Of course readers here will be aware that this took place on day one of Gnomedex 8.0. I wasn’t present for day 2 last year. This area is where many days you will see a cruise ship loading and unloading passengers. You will also see dock workers resupplying the ship for it’s next journey as well. Further down the water to the left is were other cruise ship terminals do the same thing.

As I previously mentioned in another article. This was the only nice day in regards to weather for our Seattle trip last year. Although the next day there was no rain. So our boat trip didn’t get ruined.

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