Comcast airs porn during Super Bowl hack or glitch

I’ve not come across any details so far. But it would seem that for some analog Comcast subscribers in Tucson, Arizona a bit more than football showed up on their televisions during the big game. I seem to remember years ago this happened to HBO. If I remember correctly it has happened off and on to other television networks / stations.

Maybe we will find out at a later date that this was just some technical glitch. It very well could be adult content that Comcast sells on a pay per view basis just got sent over the wrong channel. Then again maybe it was some type of hack etc.

From what I just saw of the supposed incident. The FCC will really blow their lid on this one. Full male frontal swinging for the world to see will most likely have conservatives freaking out.

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Comcast Broadcasts Porn During Super Bowl Chris Pirillo

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It seems this isn’t the first time porn has found it’s way onto regular broadcast stations on the Comcast network. This poor kid probably almost got a serious talking to just for watching the Disney Channel.

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From a quick look of the archives at one online source it would seem this has been an ongoing issue with Comcast. Not sure if any other providers have had adult content showing up where they don’t want it to.

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Supposedly video of this event is linked at the source below. If you are conservative or have issues with viewing male frontal nudity I would avoid clicking the link. You have been warned.

Digg – Porn Broadcast During Superbowl [NSFW]

It was mentioned that this problem did not affect Comcast Digital Subscribers. This is of course just one more reason to decide that migrating to digital television technology is something you should do. Unless of course you don’t have children in your home and like getting expensive Comcast porn for free.

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1 thought on “Comcast airs porn during Super Bowl hack or glitch”

  1. We are mortified by last evening’s Super Bowl interruption, and deeply apologize to our customers for the inappropriate programming. We are aggressively investigating the situation including the possibility of foul play.

    Thank you!

    Frank Eliason

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