Comcast turning to FBI to investigate Super Bowl porn fiasco

Comcast is turning to the FBI for further investigation into this years Super Bowl porn fiasco.

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Comcast airs porn during Super Bowl hack or glitch

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Twitter / Frank Eliason Comcast Cares Update on the Super Bowl incident

I got no credit or traffic surge when I announced this. Keep in mind I posted this right after seeing Comcast Cares Frank Eliason make mention of it on Twitter. From what I could see at the time no other websites were reporting it. Now it seems everyone wants it to be big news. So I’ll update this article with some new links.

Updated 2/12/09

Super Bowl Xliii Porn: FBI To Tackle Baffling Super Bowl Porn Case

Digg – FBI To Tackle Baffling Super Bowl Porn Case = Gee that was posted today. My article was posted two days ago. Who is giving you the freshest news?

FBI investigating cable porn intrusion

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