John Z DeLorean, auto executive and sports car developer, dies at 80

I’m about a day late on this one. Saw this in my local newspaper yesterday. Unfortunately many will remember this man for his Abscam arrest. Instead of his marketing genius. The movie Back to the Future may not have been the same without the vehicle he created.

“DeLorean, whose car company at Dunmurry near Belfast collapsed in 1982, died in New Jersey on Saturday of complications after a recent stroke.

The government had backed his factory with £80m of public money, in the hope that it would create 2,000 jobs.

He was acquitted of conspiring to sell over £12.5m of cocaine to save the firm in Los Angeles in 1982 but died still wanted on fraud charges in the UK. DeLorean, whose namesake car was turned into a time machine in the Back to the Future films, had been a rising executive at General Motors before starting his own company.”

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