I’m going to Gnomedex 9.0

Against my better judgment I just got done booking Gnomedex for 2009. That means that once again I will be heading to Seattle Washington. I have attended Gnomedex since 2003. My first Gnomedex adventure took place in Des Moines, Iowa that year. As many readers here know last years Gnomedex just didn’t do it for me. Maybe if I had attended day two instead of taking a trip to Northern Washington I’d have a different feeling. So some of you might be wondering why I decided to book this conference this year. That would be a good question.

It’s not because I had a great time and learned a lot from last years event. Granted there will always be a part of the conference that doesn’t agree with you. But day one in 2008 was the worst it has ever been for me. Why I changed my mind comes down to what I have been saying for years now. Gnomedex is a good marketing tool. Even if you didn’t attend the event you are still getting the benefit of market exposure on a highly trafficked well known series of websites. I don’t know to many other ways to obtain this type of publicity for $357.72. If you have been watching Gnomedex pricing over the years. You will notice that the previous attendee conference rate is the lowest it has been in years. If you are thinking about attending for the first time the rate is $399 plus a small fee of $8.72 per ticket.

Once again I have purchased my Gnomedex ticket basically blind. Last year that really came back to bite me hard. But as I stated above where else can you buy a good amount of exposure online at that price. Having your product or brand linked to or talked about on a well known website is always a plus. It’s even a bigger positive if that exposure is taking place for almost six months before the actual conference takes place.

Honestly I’m not expecting to be amazed when I walk in the doors of the Bell Harbor Conference Center in late August. Then again most of what is being hyped nowadays is pretty boring anyway. So I will just sit back and bite my tongue like I have done for many years.

Chris Pirillo made a quick Twitter post before I went live with this. I figured there had to be a reason my email started filling up with new Twitter followers. Thanks. Always appreciate any new readers. But this also proves my point in regards to marketing your brand. In the less than a hour after I made my purchase, with the help of Twitter and Chris I already have some new eyeballs taking a look at what is here.

I’m sure long time readers can guess where Cheryl and I will be staying when in Seattle. The Edgewater Hotel is our choice every year we have attended Gnomedex. This hotel is on the same side of the street as the Bell Harbor Conference Center. It is less than half a block walk to the conference center from The Edgewater.

We won’t be driving out to Seattle this year. That is the first time I have had to compromise on that. I’ll be taking Amtrak out to Seattle. Cheryl will be flying.

The travel site below is who I have used to book The Edgewater Hotel each year. Their rates have been the best every year so far. Yes I’m aware that the site is geared towards groups. But you can book single occupancy as well.

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The article below has several links to other Gnomedex reviews. Of course none of which agree with me. But I always tend to see things from a completely different perspective than most. As arrogant as it may sound many times I’m proven right in the end in regards to my opinion.

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