The power of a blog and one link

First let me thank all the readers of this blog. With out you what I'm about to reference wouldn't have occurred. Hopefully I'll keep enough good content here to keep you coming back for more. I recently posted about Google fixing a GMail flaw. Google plugs hole exposing Gmail mail-boxes . This blog post contained a link to an Infoworld article in regards to Google getting a fix out in less than a day. It turns out that the readers of this blog. Helped to get my blog post on to the “Top Site Referrals” list. In my opinion this is no small feat. Especially for a blog that was just started on October 12, 2004. This should show the power of blogging. It should also show what can happen when sites show thanks for linking to them. I've not seen many sites do this ( except for blogs ). So I think thanks is do to Infoworld for having this feature. Many may not see this as that big of a deal. But I thought it was pretty cool. For those who haven't seen it. Here is a screen capture. The blog post also made it to #4 here.

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