I’m giving TinyChat a test run

I read about TinyChat this evening and decided to give it a spin. If you are looking for a one click solution for creating a live online chat. Then TinyChat is something you should consider giving a try. All you have to do is head to the TinyChat website and click the button to create your chatroom. Then either copy a small code into your preferred website or copy and paste the chat URL and share your new text forum that way. There are no administrator controls. So you can’t remove anyone from the chat. Keep in mind that when you leave anything shared in that session is gone. The service offers several easy ways to save your conversation before you leave the live text forum. If you are wanting to add an easy to use chat to your website or favorite online hang out. Then TinyChat is a good place to start. Nothing to install just click and you are up and running.

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To embed the chat into this site is to much of a hassle at this point. Their interface is just to large to fit here properly. So come chat with me here.

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The chat doesn’t seem to release names quickly after a user leaves the forum. From a quick test the option to email a copy of the chat session didn’t seem to work for me. There is an option to private message anyone in the chat. That is a private conversation. Currently it looks as if the chat save option only saves the current part of the discussion taking place. I haven’t been able to get it to save the whole conversation from a live session.

Update 2/18/09

TechCrunch is rather late to the party on this one. And as usual for the well known online news sites TechCrunch gives no credit to the lesser known sites that have been covering this for days.

TinyChat Makes Creating Disposable Chat Rooms A Breeze