Is privacy becoming a thing of the past

Is George Orwell’s 1984 just creeping up a few decades late? Can society ever take a step back from direction we have been heading towards for years now? Many people would tell you we have nothing to worry about. I’m not overly paranoid about the situation. But I do think there should be some concerns. More and more companies are wanting to collect as much data about you as they can in an effort to market their products more effectively. Government agencies have continued to become more intrusive in name of security. It’s getting to be where you can’t even drive down road without a camera watching. While I’m fully aware the conversation will drift back to concept of safety. You have to wonder when safety becomes an invasion of privacy.

With a good number of people living their lives out live online through video. Will we now see a generation that is less concerned about being monitored? Do to fact that they are already use to being in front of camera online for a good portion of their life.

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Is There Such a Thing As Online Privacy?

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  1. Thank you for writing an article about privacy concerns. It is one issue that network operators and developers take very seriously. Just to clarify GPS Core Technologies is a company that offers full service solutions for GPS Tracking to companies involved in the M2M and Device tracking verticals. Service based companies and fleet control companies are usually respresent the majority of the customer base.

    When someone makes a call the Maytag repair service center it is technologies like these that help get your service man to your place of business or home in a timely manner. Also some companies use our technologies for tracking their children. This is very useful when your child goes to school in inner city New York on the 14th floor of a building and takes a city bus to school.

    In regards to privacy. The days of privacy are shifting because we have opted out of privacy. If you read the disclaimer that came with your mobile phone you already accepted the fact that mobile operators are able to direct ads to your phone based upon location. Some like it some don’t but this is a personal and business decision one must make when purchasing gps tracking products.

    Also you had asked why someone would pay for technologies like these when google offers them for free. The answer is that most of these technologies are consumer driven applications that require the user to have that application open on the front of the screen. GPS Core Technologies specializes in turning a phone into a tracker at a lower level than most programmers are willing to code. This means even if the device is in suspend mode, application in the background the tracking will still transmit and work without greatly affecting battery life or performance.

    Thank you

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