Is there no more Phix Reload

I received an email yesterday that had me heading to the Phix website. I’d hoped to find that Phix Reload was back in stock. What I came across makes me think that Phix Reload might have been taken out of the product lineup. This is unfortunate because I really don’t like the Phix packets. To me they just add waste that shouldn’t be a part of the equation. With Phix Reload I could just pour a serving into a handy travel container provided by the company and be on my way. No need to open a packet. There was nothing to throw away and when the reload canister was empty you just put it in the recycle bin.

Maybe the Phix Reload option wasn’t popular with customers. In my opinion it was the more convenient way to get my Phix. Not to mention I personally feel it reduced my waste impact by a small margin. Over the years I have tried my best to take small steps towards reducing the amount of waste I produce. Our home is full of products that have been made from recycled materials. A good majority of what gets put to use in our house ends up in the recycle bin.

So now it would seem I have one less option to help reduce my waste footprint. I’m not seeing a blog article in regards to the email I received. I was hoping to have something to link to. I’ll include the full text of the email below. I’m sure I could also send a quick note to Will Weisman for clarification. But I’m thinking Phix Reload won’t be making a comeback. Very unfortunate if Phix customers didn’t see the benefit of the Reload product. While it didn’t offer the variety of mix and match like the packets. It did have other benefits.

If you would like to get a visual of what I’ve discussed above. You can have a look at the photo in the older article below.

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Phix Reload is now on sale

Tweaked Phix flavors will launch at TED next week

Here are what the packets look like. The packaging may have changed somewhat with the relaunch.

Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink

I’ll include the complete email text below.


I’m excited to be able to finally tell you that the Phix is in! Introducing our latest uber healthy, highly effective, 100% natural supplement, Phix Sleep. Phix Sleep helps you let go of your daily stress and drift off to a sound and blissful rest. With Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Gaba, Jujube Berry, and Magnesium, you’ll wake up feeling great and ready to take on each and every day. It’s non habit forming, will not leave you feeling foggy, and like all our products is low calorie, vegan and gluten free.

New Energy Flavors! After lots of hard work, it’s great to also be able to introduce the three new Phix Energy flavors. As I mentioned these are lighter, slightly sweeter, taste delicious and are very refreshing. We also reworked the formula to make them a whole lot easier on your stomach. If you tried our earlier flavors and they weren’t for you, please give these new ones a shot. Try a Combo Case and you can check out each new flavor. I’m so confident that you’ll dig them that if you’re not 100% satisfied just email me at [email protected] and I’ll refund your purchase.

We use the highest quality, premium ingredients to create products that deliver real benefits. We know that every dollar counts these days and we want to let you know that we really appreciate your support. We hope you’ll place an order with us by the end of the month and give our healthy new fare a try. If you do, you can use checkout code launchphix and take an additional 10% off your order.

Thanks in advance and here’s to Drinking In Health in 2009!

Your phriend,


Will Weisman

founder and ceo