Man vs Food visits Seattle and Beth’s Cafe

Man vs Food visits Seattle and Beth's Cafe

On February 9th I was alerted by a Twitter post that Man VS Food was coming to Seattle and making a stop at Beth’s Cafe. This episode has been sitting on our DVR since it aired. Last night it finally got watched. Of course Beth’s Cafe wasn’t the only location visited in Seattle. Pike Place Fish Market, Red Mill Burgers and the Crab Pot were also featured in this Man vs Food challenge. The picture above is of the Beth’s Cafe sign you will see if you use the parking behind the restaurant. The sign is featured in the Man vs Food Seattle episode. I have an older article that had a similar photo included in it. That picture is no longer live but the post is.

I have never ventured into the Red Mill Burger. The Crab Pot is just down the street from the Edgewater Hotel where we stay in Seattle. We have yet to eat there. Although we have eaten at restaurants close to the Crab Pot. The first year we went to Beth’s Cafe I tried to eat the six egg omelet. I was able to eat almost the entire amount of eggs but couldn’t eat all the hash browns. At no point did I even consider trying the twelve egg version.

For a small extra charge you can get another plate at Beth’s Cafe and share the larger meals.

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My adventures in Seattle Washington

The front of the World Famous Beth’s Cafe in Seattle Washington

Man V Food legal disclaimer

Man vs Food starts taping in Springfield IL today

Adam Richman Man V Food getting makeup in Darcy’s Pint parking lot

Iggy with Rachel the pig in Seattle rain

Hey mom look at me

Why are these people in the trunk

Inside the Big Star Diner Bainbridge Island

Street performers at the original Starbucks Coffee Pike Place Market Seattle

Just booked the Edgewater Hotel for Gnomedex 2008

WaterFront Seafood Grill Pier 70 Seattle

In several of the episodes intros you will see the Space Needle. To the right you will see a building. That is where the Real World in Seattle was filmed. The location is Pier 70 where offices and the Waterfront Seafood Grill are located.

Where was the Real World in Seattle

Seattle Space Needle viewed from WaterFront Seafood Grill bar

Experience Music Project from the top of the Space Needle Seattle

Cheryl meets Guy Fieri today at Charlie Parker’s diner

Cheryl was on national television three times tonight

Red Chevy Aveo Pike Place Public Market Seattle

When good public relations go bad quickly

smart fortwo Woodland Park Zoo parking lot Seattle WA

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Route 66 Illinois and other quirky roadside attractions

Krekel’s Custard and Hamburgers – Springfield IL

Dyer’s Burgers World Famous Beale St Memphis TN

Twitter Leah Jones Just found out from @devivo that my brother is going to be on Man vs Food

Man versus Food @ Beth’s Cafe « Waylaid by Jackassery

‘Man vs. Food’ filming at Red Mill

Beth’s Cafe – Seattle, Washington – Celebrating 50 Years!

Beth’s Cafe Seattle Washington

“Home of the 12 egg omelette”

All you can eat hashbrowns

7311 Aurora Ave N.


Phone: (206)782-5588

Welcome to the Crab Pot Restaurant located at the Bay Pavilion on Seattle’s Waterfront Pier 57

1301 Alaskan Way

Seattle, WA 98101

Phone (206) 623-8600

Welcome to Red Mill Burgers!

Man Vs. Food Seattle Airing Tomorrow

Rave – Man vs. Food Seattle

I got rid of the bodies?: Man Vs. Food: Seattle!

Yay Red Mill! on Flickr

Adam of Man versus Food @ Beth’s Cafe on Flickr

5 thoughts on “Man vs Food visits Seattle and Beth’s Cafe”

  1. Yeah! I want even more celebrations of masochism and gluttony! I’d like to see one where Adam Whathisfatass takes the “spray a whole can of mace down your throat” challenge, followed by the “eat cheeseburgers until you rupture your intestines” ram-down.

    The Travel Channel is in some sort of weird fetishistic rut with these pig-out shows. Another great example of the American tendency to ignore quality for sheer quantity – an indication of our pathetically adolescent, self centered society and our cohort lack of taste…Doesn’t do much for our justifiably bad reputation overseas in so many ways, and particularly for our gluttony for all the worlds resources. Pathetic…

  2. I went to Beth’s Cafe where they told me that there is no actual contest, it was made up just for the show. Sure, it’s really really hard to eat that plate of food, but it’s not a real challenge like Man vs Food said.

  3. Interesting – as far as I’m aware they have always offered a free t-shirt for anyone who ate a 12 egg omelet. This was detailed in at least one other show that visited Beth’s cafe years ago. I’d be very surprised if that has now changed after all of these years.

  4. I was just at Beth’s 3 days ago, where i successfully finished the 12 egg omelette that Adam from Man vs. Food did not. Unfortunately i did a little reverse eat about 20 mins later, but it was worth it, and yes there is no more tshirt, whether it ever existed or not is unbeknownst to me.

  5. No, there has never been any t-shirt challenge at Beths.

    I don’t go as far back as some, but in college at UW in 1979 and for a few years after we made regular nightcap visits.

    12 eggers were finished, and when we first asked “if we get anything” for finishing, we were told, “Yeah, you get to clean the grill.”

    Never seen any t-shirt, or heard of anyone who got one.

    Understandable that they would make a challenge with a prize up for any media event, but if you know Beth’s, you know it isn’t the kind of place to go around giving out prizes.

    Eating the 12-egger is its own reward folks.

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