Ocean Survey Vessel Bold (OSV Bold) Seattle August 2008

Ocean Survey Vessel Bold (OSV Bold) Seattle August 2008

As we were waiting to catch a Seattle bus a lady stopped us and started talking. She stated that she was the person who did the gardening for Anthony’s Pier 66 and Bell Street Diner. A quick side note. No matter how many Gnomedexers try to get you to eat there – DO NOT!! This restaurant has some of the worst customer service I have experienced. The only place worse is Ivar’s Sunday brunch. Save yourself the drama and walk the other direction to the WaterFront Seafood Grill at Pier 70. The food is great and the service matches. It is leaps and bounds above Anthony’s or Iver’s. Now back to the original story.

The lady tells us about her day job and that what she is doing today is something different. When Cheryl and I looked out our balcony at the Edgewater Hotel we saw a vessel we didn’t remember seeing in the past. Later on after discussing things further we decided we had seen the ship previously. What the lady that day was doing is giving information on a free tour of the Ocean Survey Vessel Bold (OSV Bold).

I had remembered that one year on our Argosy Cruise the tour guide made mention of this ship. The vessel is the EPA’s ( Environmental Protection Agency ) floating marine laboratory. Basically the ship is a research vessel that studies different environmental issues related to oceans and the habitat within them. During this mission free public tours are given. The idea I’m sure is to offer an educational experience while also letting the general public see how their tax dollars are put to use.

The day I took this photograph was the only day the Ocean Survey Vessel Bold was having an open house. Unfortunately our schedule did not permit us to take the time to explore this ship. I think I really would have liked to hop on board and get the tour. The OSV Bold was docked at the Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal. To gain access to the vessel you would have had to walk in between the Bell Harbor Conference Center and Anthony’s Pier 66.

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