Phix new packaging and tweaked flavors

Phix now has new packaging. The new look is brighter than the old package. This new design is seen in the Phix packets as well. The original version was much darker. I’ll provide a link below for you to compare the different looks. With the design change also comes tweaked flavors. I had made mention of this last month. Since receiving my order from FedEX yesterday I have tried all three flavors. Teaberry and Tropic taste just slightly sweeter to me. Citron is less harsh, sweeter and more to my liking. But still not a flavor I think I’d purchase a lot of. However I would be more likely to buy that flavor now than I would have been in the past. I think all three flavors have a lighter look than before. Like the previous packaging the color of the drink itself was dark. To me it looks as if this has changed slightly. The packets seem to open a bit easier than before. Although as I wrote the other day I’m not a big fan of the packet. All things consider I think the relaunch changes are a positive makeover. While I wasn’t unhappy with the previous version. I’d tend to bet that the changes will make the product even more appealing to consumers.

Yesterday I praised Phix customer service in a Twitter post. Again I would like to mention that this companies customer service is some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I have always received a prompt reply to my inquiries. Anything needing resolved has been dealt with in a timely fashion and without hassle to me. It’s to bad more companies don’t conduct business this way.

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Have a look at the old packaging below.

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