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Many people in the United States and elsewhere won’t have a clue about this food item. Heck even many people who live in Illinois don’t have a clue about horseshoe sandwiches. If you would like to read about the history of this dish. Have a look at the links below. You can also learn about where the corn dog ( or cozy dog ) originated and the history behind that popular food item.

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Pictures of what a horseshoe sandwich looks like. Can be found at the link below.

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“The horseshoe sandwich originated in Springfield, Illinois sometime in the early 20th century. Local lore names the inventor as a chef at Wayne’s Red Coach Inn, although this is subject to debate. You can get horseshoe sandwiches at most Springfield restaurants, at some restaurants in central Illinois, and at a few restaurants in other parts of the state. Horseshoes are not generally served outside of Illinois. A traditional horseshoe sandwich consists of: 2 pieces of Texas toast (thick sliced bread, lightly toasted), 2 hamburger patties (cooked to preference, usually medium), a mound of french fries (preferably skinny fries) and cover the whole thing with cheese sauce (preferably “Welsh rarebit”).” Source Wikipedia click here to read more. Now keep in mind that others would firmly disagree with what is stated at Wikipedia. From what I’ve seen over the years. The horseshoe was invented by a chef at the old Leland Hotel in Springfield,IL. “Health conscious beware, only in Springfield will you find the “horseshoe sandwich,” created in 1928 at the old Leland Hotel. Named for the shape of the ham once used to top this open-faced sandwich, it features a secret cheddar cheese sauce lavishly poured over a meat of your choice (hamburger and turkey are popular) and topped with a generous pile of french fries, which represent the nails of the horseshoe.” Source Springfield Illinois Convention and Visitors Bureau Only In Springfield.

Two local chefs created the Springfield Horseshoe Sandwich in 1928 at the Leland Hotel in Springfield, Illinois.

Horseshoe Sandwich – Copy Cat Recipe

But yet again someone debates this version of history. If you haven’t guessed this by now. This subject is a matter of great debate and pride in the city in which I live.

“Horseshoes” are a Springfield, Illinois original, first created by the chef at the “The Red Coach” for his luncheon clientele. The story goes that he had a lot of extra cheese sauce left over one day and decided to throw it over the “chopped steak” and gravy sandwiches the patrons were always ordering. He added some shoestring potatoes on top, and a sensation was born! This recipe is a update of the original (which called for a whole cup of flour!) and your family will positively beg for more. Don’t skimp on the cheese sauce. If your appetite is smaller, cut this in half. Then you have what we call around here, a “pony shoe”!

World Famous Horseshoe Sandwich Recipe

The signature food of Springfield, Illinois is a sandwich known as a horseshoe. It has been credited to a chef that worked at the Leland Hotel in 1928 and has become Springfield’s most famous contribution to the world of food. It consists of two hamburgers on two slices of toast, covered with cheddar cheese sauce and buried beneath a mound of French fries.

Horseshoe Sandwich – Burt Wolf’s Local Flavors, Springfield

History of Horseshoe Sandwich

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