What is the difference between Kaspersky personal and pro

I've seen this questioned asked many times. And since Google seems to be clueless in regards to spidering my Kaspersky bookmarks page for the answer to this question. I'm going to do a topic on the subject here. The answer to this question can always be found here Kaspersky AVP Antivirus AntiHacker help support links kav.iggyz.com. Some of the topics may be in regards to older versions of the product. I try to keep that page fairly updated with new information.

Kaspersky Personal Pro 5.0 An updated review

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Security » Kaspersky Personal vs Pro

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Here is the Kaspersky forum iB KAV – Endusers

Keep in mind every time they do forum maintenance. The site admins of that forum seem to make very helpful threads disappear. So if you find something useful there. Make a copy by saving the html to your hard drive.

This is older information.

Security » What is the difference between Kaspersky versions

iBTopicNew KAV 4.5 release – the title doesn't seem to be related but it is. Kaspersky no longer produces a lite version of their antivirus product.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products

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