Married With Children comes to Springfield Illinois

I never watched much Married With Children originally when it aired on Fox. But with our DVR I record the reruns each night on TBS. It’s interesting to me how the show was on for so many years yet TBS keeps showing the same episodes over and over again. You would think the station would have purchased the rights to broadcast all the seasons. Either way when I was watching an episode the other morning I saw something interesting. Al Bundy on his way to hunt down a child’s parents made a quick stop in Springfield, Illinois. He commented something along the lines of stopping to make a quick deposit. So just like Paul McCartney did last year it would seem Al Bundy felt the need to use Springfield for a bathroom break as well.

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The Beatles inside St Louis Union Station Grand Hall

When you are in Seattle stay where the Beatles stayed. The Edgewater Hotel.

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Springfield Photos: Paul McCartney at Springfield Kwik-E Mart

Local newspaper The State Journal-Register once again is completely stupid and their article is now a dead link. When will the locals ever learn? This is why newspapers are failing. Interesting how their sister paper a little ways up the road still has a live link to the story. Which didn’t even take place in their city!!

Well it looks like the site with the dead link needs to update. My criticism of the SJR website was unjust. I found a working link in my bookmarks.

Photo appears to show McCartney at Clear Lake Circle K – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register

Dave Bakke: McCartney sighting sets off Beatlemania – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register


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Many people may not realize the Beatles actually have a history with Central Illinois. Although Wikipedia is clueless and makes no mention of the connection. You see at least one Beatle came to America before their first concert here.

George Harrison – Wikipedia

Read more about this at the link below. This piece of music history was almost destroyed at one point.

Hard Day’s Nite Bed & Breakfast website is no longer active – some spammer has purchased the domain name.

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