Will Twitter block monetization attempts

Will Twitter block monetization attempts by end users? At some point Twitter will have to come up with a way to make money. It would be a good guess that Twitter users won’t be included in any revenue that is generated. So again we have a company that will be making money off customer generated content. Unless some sort of revenue sharing or premium no advertising option exist. It’s easy to see that some Twitter users might not be happy with the service making money from their content. Although it is perfectly understandable that a free service needs to pay the bills and maybe even make a profit.

Earlier today Kosso a developer who is recently best known for his project PHREADZ previewed a way for end users to monetize their Twitter accounts. He is wondering how Twitter will react. If all Twitter users figured out a way to make their own money off the service. How would Twitter be able to create it’s own revenue stream?

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