Comcast High Definition signal problems Central Illinois

For the past week my household has been experiencing signal problems with Comcast High Definition channels. The issue is not being seen with all high definition channels. One of the channels that previously had an issue has since cleared up. That was NBC. Fox, A & E, Comcast Sports & Starz are channels that have been affected. This morning A&E, Starz and HGTV are experiencing the degraded signal. I would assume that if this was an environmental cause that all HD stations would be displaying the problem. This isn’t the case.

Past day has seen the response time with the cable box slowing to a crawl again. In the past I have been told this is a bandwidth issue. I’d always thought this was a sign of an underpowered cable box. Since the problem is very similar to what you see in a computer without enough processing power or RAM. This cable box lag is something that has been widely reported over the years.

There is home construction going on in our area. So maybe this has affected the cable lines in some way. All I know is the issue has just recently started. I’d tend to believe it isn’t line quality in our home or the cable box itself. Honestly I don’t have time to schedule a service call. In the past I’ve found these to be less than useful anyway.

Our cable box model is the Motorola DCT6412 III – yes this is an older model which we should get swapped out. If it was easy to transfer saved programs this would encourage most people to rent the newer units. Then again having to schedule an installer just to swap a box doesn’t make customers enthused about upgrading.

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This older article will show that cable box lag has been a known issue for many years. Granted the problem is nowhere near as frequent as it once was. So some progress has been made.

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I’ve seen the problem mentioned in this recent thread. But not to any great extent. In most cases the channel will in fact go live at some point. Our issue has been more of degraded video and audio on certain HD channels.

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Update 3/24/09

I may not be alone in seeing this type of issue. Although this person is not located in my area.

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The past few days I have seen a new issue entering the mix. Similar to what is being reported in the thread linked below.

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