Is it adware or spyware, adware or adwars

The past few weeks have seen some very interesting articles in relation to adware and spyware. A very serious debate is raging on if the line is becoming a bit blurred. 'Spyware or Adware' Debate – Aluria decision prompts heated criticism. That link is also included here Iggyz Weekly News 11/3/04. WhenU Enters the Anti-Spyware Market. Anti-Spyware Vendor Aluria Takes Heat Over Adware Deal. Also from here Iggyz Weekly News 10/27/04. Adware Companies Buying Game Developers. Spyware Hypocrisy – One hand feeds, the other scoldsBogus Anti-Spyware – FTC finally acts on seedy outfitDell, non-profit group launch anti-spyware campaignSecurity » How 'bad' are spyware cookies. As all those links clearly show. The spyware/adware debate and /or wars are alive and well.
According to the Analyst's Diary adware coders may now in fact be fighting amongst themselves. In much the same manner as some recent worms have been. “It seems that the AdWare market is going to be a hot one and different AdWare coders face a lot of competition from each other. Obviously they will fight.”.

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