Spammer Jeremy Jaynes Gets 9 Years in Prison and is now bankrupt

This is an update to a previous article. I’ve seen a lot of people searching on this topic the past week. So I figured I’d get some of the new information up for those who are looking. I’ll link the old article. Then the newer stuff under that.

It seems spamming didn’t pay off in the end for Jeremy Jaynes. This is a prime example of a situation where you should’ve taken the money and ran.

Spam is hated by millions. But as someone recently asked. Is it really any different than the direct mailings we get in our mailboxes here in the United States? Most of us don’t signup or have never agreed to accept these direct mailings. Yet only a very small minority get up in arms about this. Many people who detest Spam are the same people who are clogging our physical mailboxes with offers. Why is it that a similar process gets everyone so up in arms online? In many cases it’s because of the shear volume of what is being received. In other cases it can be the type of content that is being advertised. Very rarely do you get porn or drug advertisements in your mailbox at home. But email Spam is full of these type of offers. So I feel this is one reason more people get upset about email Spam. Others may see Spam as a drain on resources. This view is taken mostly by website owners and internet service providers ( ISP ).

I’d put good money on it. That if the ISP got paid to deliver this content. Just as the United States Postal Service does. We wouldn’t be seeing the ISP up in arms about Spam. But because they don’t get paid. This most hated form of advertising cost them money and resources. So it is understandable that they want to see this form of marketing wiped off the face of the earth. Let us keep in mind though. That we’ve seen ISP in the past taking payments to provide spammers with hosting. Of course the ISP try to claim they weren’t aware of the situation. Or they run things through a subsidiary company. So that they don’t have to take on full accountability. And only after extreme public outcry do these companies “clean up their act”. Wink wink.

ISP also take a big hit when their customers become infected with Spam bots. This is when a customer isn’t running security software, hardware or both. Or when a customer hasn’t patched a flaw in their chosen operating system. This can also occur when the customer has inadvertently configured something on their machine wrong. Leaving an opening for the spammer to take control of the machine. Then the spammer uses this machine to send out the spam emails. So again it is understandable why most ISP would hate this form of mass marketing.

Don’t take my comments above as me being for Spam. This form of marketing affects me on a daily basis. It tries to clog my email inbox. Spam also tries almost daily to steal bandwidth from this site. In the form of trackback Spam. Just yesterday this site got hit fairly heavy with trackback Spam. There are blacklist and other methods that can be applied to stop this. I’m honestly not sure if my provider uses them. I can say they don’t make it easy for me to handle the situation on my own. Either way this form of Spam can cost me money. In having to pay more for the bandwidth this site uses. The spammers are pretty stupid though if you ask me. Since this site has topics on gambling. You’d think they would at least have the good sense to drop their gambling Spam into the proper category. In the end this would seem to benefit them more. But since I’m not a spammer – I don’t have their mind set. I’m sure they have some moronic reason for doing things the way they do.

My comments above were merely my thoughts and opinions. I also wanted to point out that some that spout off against email Spam are in fact hypocrites.

I could also add the conspiracy theory here. That Spam is just a product of security companies to get you to buy their software or hardware solution. I’ve seen users many times claim this in regards to virus, worm and trojan outbreaks.

In the case of Jeremy Jaynes he lost it all. And got 9 years of his life taken away for the risk. Granted he’ll probably get a country club prison and only have to serve half ( if not less ) of the sentence. But unless he has a few hidden numbered bank accounts. Getting out of prison broke can’t be any fun. Not like going there in the first place would be the ideal vacation.

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Update – This case is currently out on appeal. As far as I’m aware the defendant is out on bail at this time. From what I read in the local paper today ( a paper from a few days ago ). It seems as if the judge also has some reservations about the juries 9 year sentence recommendation.

“However, Loudoun County Circuit Judge Thomas Horne delayed the start of Jeremy Jaynes’ prison term while the case is appealed, saying the law is new and raises constitutional questions.”

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