Sugar Creek Covered Bridge Chatham August 2019

Took a long bike ride out to Sugar Creek Covered Bridge located near Chatham Illinois. It had been awhile since I’d made a visit.

Unfortunately years later – I still haven’t gotten around to getting my older Sugar Creek Covered Bridge photos from 2005 and 2006 back online. A server move many years ago killed that content.

There were 3 visitors as I took a break before riding home. 2 older women and a younger one. One of the lady’s thought building by small pavilion was a restroom. I let them know that it wasn’t. Honestly can’t recall if this location every had a porta potty.

Photos taken August 15th 2019

Covered bridge Spoon River rest stop

Wolf Covered Bridge Knox County Scenic Drive

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Wolf Covered Bridge

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