Standing on tracks taking photo

I’m sure parents thought this was perfectly safe if train was in station. Allowing this only leads to future risky behavior. That could get person hurt or killed. Many customers at Springfield Downtown Farmers Market DO NOT respect the tracks.

A good way to get killed by Amtrak Texas Eagle

Amtrak Lincoln Service coming into Springfield let me stand on tracks

Wheelchair out runs Amtrak Lincoln Service Springfield Illinois

This video shows multiple Springfield Downtown Farmers Market customers not having common sense near train tracks.

Babbling Brook Pullman New York Central Amtrak Texas Eagle in Springfield Illinois

Kid climbs track signals Kids cross active tracks Throw rocks Springfield Illinois

Great way to die at Alton Illinois Amtrak station

Balancing on railroad tracks at Alton Illinois Amtrak station Is NOT a good idea

Playing beat the train in Springfield Illinois

Railroad Crossing STOP Look Listen

Illinois State University students playing chicken with Union Pacific train