Outside Club Acela Penn Station New York

I’ve had access to Club Acela inside New York Penn Station several times. I don’t recall recording the interior. This is one video of it’s outside. Pennsylvania Station has been getting a refurbishment and redesign recently – so recording might not represent current look or location.

Recorded April 28th 2017

New Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge Chicago Union Station open serving customers

Inside Amtrak Metra Legacy Club during Chicago Union Station Open House October 2015 This lounge has since been closed

Amtrak Club Acela Washington DC

Amtrak Club Acela Washington DC revisited September 2016

Los Angeles Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge

First Class lounge St Louis Business Class and Sleeper passengers are allowed access

Amtrak Acela Express day and night Union Station Washington DC

Not actually open These are concept drawings in 2019 Inside Amtrak’s Fancy New Acela Lounge in New York City

Pennsylvania Station, also known as New York Penn Station or Penn Station, is the main intercity railroad station in New York City

Amtrak Announces New Repairs at NY Penn Station

New York Penn Station Infrastructure Renewal Work – June 28?

Is the Club Acela easy to find at Penn Station?

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Penn Station’s new main entrance gets fresh renderings

Penn Station getting new entrance as part of its ongoing renovation

Penn Station construction to close over 10 retail businesses inside

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