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Former Organic Transit! ELF owner now owns a His Organic Transit! ELF was having a few maintenance issues needing addressed. Unfortunately with that company’s recent financial issues they weren’t as forthcoming with customer support. So that solar powered electric bike went to a new owner. In it’s place we now have the

Original Kickstarter stated they wanted to use a hemp based shell. I don’t see any information on their website if that reality was achieved.

Owner of this mentioned several upgrades over Organic Transit! ELF. From looking at current Organic Transit! website – it looks like they have addressed some of those shortcomings from original models and options. takes Winter riders into account with an onboard heater, zippered doors and cover for wheel opening to reduce wind / debris. Windshield has a wiper blade – something the ELF didn’t have.

This just like his previous Organic Transit! ELF is owner’s only mode of personal transportation.

I think the looks nice parked next to that Tesla.

While upgrades have been introduced in past five years since owner purchased their ELF – is still within that same price range. Still no mass production to bring price down do to economies of scale.

Recorded September 14th 2019

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