Hacker High School – A security debate

There was a college that was doing a course in regards to hacking and virus writing. This course had everyone up in arms. The debate centered on if this was a subject that was beneficial to teach. Would such a course lead to better trained security professionals etc. Well it seems we are now going to have a hacker high school as well.

The Hacker High School project is the development of license-free, security and privacy awareness teaching materials and back-end support for teachers of elementary, junior high, and high school students.

Hacker Highschool – www.hackerhighschool.org

Slashdot  Hacker High School Starts to Spread

Barcelona is home to an innovative new project designed to combat hacking. The same department at the University of La Salle that churns out some of the best of Barcelona's designers is also home to the Hacker's High School.

The scheme is not the devil's workshop it might sound but, say its organisers, aims to tackle a modern day taboo. Likening current attitudes to hacking to old repressed notions of sex, they say many are doing it but few are talking about it.

Hacker High  BBC World Home Page

Security » Hacker High-School A Debate

Training a new breed of hacker BBC News

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