Thunderstorm heavy rain minor power outage Chatham Illinois

At the moment there are thunderstorms, heavy rain and a minor power outage taking place in Chatham, Illinois. The rain has lessened in just the past few minutes. Actually as I just typed that the rain picked up again. Of course we had one of the famous couple second to minutes power outages we see around here on a regular basis. I just lost a computer monitor the other day do to one of those. Even though the monitor was hooked up to a Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ). I hadn’t checked the weather today. So I mowed the backyard. It had been sunny all afternoon but the clouds rolled in as I was part way through mowing. The storm hit hard just a little bit after I came inside.

WeatherBug’s forecast yesterday called for a 40% chance of rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Looking at their forecast today. That number changed to 30%. Last summer every time the forecast stated 30% it should have stated 100%. I just received an alert that Christian County in Central Illinois is under a severe thunderstorm warning.

In Chatham right now the rain has stopped. The power has remained on except for the minor couple of second glitch. Just enough to be annoying and making you have to reset the microwave clock etc. I am still hearing thunder off and on though.

I had a report of a car accident on South Sixth Street in Springfield, IL. I’m not sure if that was weather related. Traffic was reported to be backed up for “miles”. Supposedly the police had the road blocked off as well. I wasn’t told which side of the road the accident took place. This time of day with traffic massively backed up I would assume this took place in the southbound lanes.

Sun is trying to come out in Chatham and the birds are chirping. Rain has stopped no more thunder or lightning.

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Chatham, IL weather powered by WeatherBug

Thunder rumbling in Chatham again at 6:23PM A bit before this I heard what sounded like a gun shot. Hopefully one of our police officers isn’t shooting their service revolver again.

ALERT 1 – Severe Thunderstorm Watch


Issued: Thursday, May 07, 2009 6:12 PM CDT

Expires: Friday, May 08, 2009 2:00 AM CDT

Severe Weather advisories ALERTS for Sangamon County WeatherBug

At 6:31 PM ( Central Time ) light rain has started again.

the weather radio just said “remember: lightning is one of nature’s #1 killers. Twitter jason matthews

Update 9:55 PM ( Central Time ) Lightning and heavy rain are back. Power is holding firm no outage at this time.

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