Video content seems to not be working at moment

For some reason video content on this website doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment. Not sure if this is related to Cloudflare. I’ve fully cleared cache. I have tried multiple browsers. My video content loads – but doesn’t play as it should currently.

Looks like everything is functioning with Amazon Lightsail. I’m seeing nothing out of ordinary there. No updates are listed. Seeing no errors in metrics logs.

Video content worked smoothly earlier today.

Looks like this may be an ISP or DNS problem. YouTube content not working for me at this time. So definitely something on my end causing video playback glitch. I’m not uploading, downloading or streaming any content. So not sure what is creating issue.

How odd – something with VLC media player is creating problem. When VLC is loaded and playing it’s affecting website video playback. Never had this problem before. I running SolydK Linux as my operating system. OS is fully up to date. Guess I’ll check for VLC updates directly on their site.

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