Canadian Geese on roof of Par-A-Dice casino hotel

Early Sunday morning before we left our room I saw these Canadian Geese on the roof of the Par-A-Dice casino hotel. I caught the one on the left flying to what I assume is an air condition unit. This goose flew to one of the other units later on. That goose had an issue that could help it lose it’s beak rather quickly. It kept putting it’s beak towards the blades inside of the unit. This curiosity took place on both units. Not sure if there was something that smelled good to the bird or if this was just simple exploration of the environment. The other goose preferred to stay off the heavy equipment. In the background you can see the Hampton Inn ( never stay there ).

As we heading towards the highway yesterday morning Cheryl noticed another Canadian Goose perched on the edge of the roof on that building ( the front left side ). Neither of us could recall seeing them in the past. It would be nice if these properties took steps to be a little friendlier to the natural habitat that surrounds their businesses. A good amount of wild life has taken up residence here do to the proximity to the river. Yet it seems no steps have been taken to properly accommodate them.

As you can tell Boyd Gaming hasn’t obtained wisdom. They have a nice dark roof that is a heat magnet. This company hasn’t learned about the virtues and cost savings of green roofs on large buildings. As far as I’ve seen over the years this company also doesn’t take recycling seriously. At least the Excalibur in Las Vegas ( MGM owned ) claimed their garbage was sorted for recycle materials before heading to the landfill.

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